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January 22, 2010
Posted at 04:23 PM


It’s Friday and I’m being overrun by women! My sister, mom and Aunt Mary are over my shoulder and cooing over this little nugget right here. My nephew’s little hand. It was “Ultrasound Day” for Leah today, and the family is buzzing over it. Cycle of life, people.

- - - -

FUTZ, NOODLE, PUSH, PULL: Saul Bass lays it down, and I’m that much more in awe. Nakamoto the long-haired found this one. He got lucky.

- - - -

CAN’T HANDLE THIS SHIT: Freedom fighter Steve Juras had this one on his Twitter feed, “You owe your life to Stanislav Petrov.” I’ll say. Holy christ. That shit just freaks me out more and more. How many other “close calls” were there? Man.

- - - -

GOOD, CLEAN FUN HERE: Andrew Hart comes in swingin’ wildly with this one: The Grog N Groc Hall of Fame Book Weird, Wacky and Just Plain Embarrassing Business Names, as heard on NPR’s Car Talk. Fun stuff.

I did a quick scan and saw these names, “Delvin Turnipseed Dentist” and “King Dong Restaurant” which reminded me of Ryno. The “dong” part.

Those Car Talk guys kinda grind on me after 10 minutes, but I hope they live forever cuz they’re pretty cool.

- - - -

GREAT FRET WORK: Thank you Eastside Guitar Repair for the kick-ass job on my Telecaster! Much appreciated, Ryan!

Great work. Super nice guy, who comes recommended by many rock luminaries in town. I picked the Tele up yesterday and have been strumming around the house a bit. Looking forward to learning some songs, then forgetting them. My little rock cycle. Dumb as hell.

Many thanks to Faz and Arlie for help on this one. Brothers. We even look alike.

And Chuck, we’re on! Ready that Tele, I’ll ready the designs!

- - - -


01. Bill Fox - Shelter From The Smoke
02. Son Volt - Straightaways
03. Alejandro Escovedo - With These Hands

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