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January 09, 2010
Stage Tuner
Posted at 07:00 PM


The Telecaster showed up this morning. Thanks for dealing with it, Dale. Appreciated.

Went and bought a Boss Stage Tuner pedal. My first. No more clunky hand-held deals, tuning forks or “gimme an E” scenarios.

The guitar needs a little work, and I’ve got a local luthier who’s gonna do a little fretwork to get rid of the “frettin’ out” that’s going on in a couple places. Thanks for recommendation Faz!

I’m on the hunt for a hard case for it now. Tweed, if possible.

Played the new thing on Arlie’s new Vox amp, noodling with all the wild effects and shit. Fun stuff. Lookin’ forward to rocking, and soon. Flanger, man!

Arlie’s in town with Totally Tammy, heading up to Seattle to record himself an album. So awesome. Good to see you guys. Always.

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