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January 06, 2010
Back, Attacking All Sorts Of Shit
Posted at 06:20 PM


Man, I got a list that could choke a horse. All kinds of shit going on.

- Projects regarding both “rock” and “roll.”
- Paper and staples.
- Matters of promotion.
- Paper money retrieval.

- - - -

THINGS WERE RATIONED BACK THEN: And I try to think about how great we have it today, when looking at stuff like this. Right now.

MInnesota’s very own Mark Kohlman sent that link in, which, if memory serves me right, he’s operating out of New York City. Or Boston. Don’t remember. He’s a stand up character though. That isn’t debatable. Wherever you are, buddy, I miss ya.

- - - -

AN AMBITIOUS PROJECT, ALL YEAR LONG: A Collection A Day, 2010. Damn. Guts!

Here’s the first collection of the 2010: A handful of old erasers. Beautiful pink, man! (Thanks, Bill!)

- - - -

ALWAYS DOWN WITH THIS ONE: Koo-koo, kuh-koo-koo-koooooooo! It’s been awhile since I saw that Canadian epic.

- - - -

THE KING OF THE BREEDS: A dachshund sleeping on a dashboard. Fuck yeah.

- - - -

DATE NIGHT: We’re going to see Avatar tonight. Heard so many good things about it. Putting it to the test tonight at the Roseway Theater. Leigh and I, and Fred. Date night? Suddenly sounding kinda weird. That’s what happens when you put Fred into the mix: Shit gets weird.

- - - -


01. Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left (It’s raining here.)
02. Jim O’Rourke - Halfway To A Threeway
03. The Hold Steady - “Can I Please Crawl Out Your Window” off I’m Not There

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I gotta take a leak eh! Sweet Aaron.

Posted by: Steve Verdoorn on 01/07/10 at 8:39 AM
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