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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 23, 2009
Smells Like Holi-daze Spirit
Posted at 11:53 AM


IN A CHRISTMAS STATE OF MIND: Thank you to everyone who sent a Christmas card into the DDC. I’ve got a stack here with tons impressive designs. Bravo, everyone. And thanks. And bah hum bug!

I’m flying to Michigan tomorrow night, with Leigh and Ewan coming in the next morning. Going back home for 10 big days of absolutely nothing. Northern Michigan, people. Mom and Dad’s couch. No pants. Square meals.

- - - -

ONE HELL OF A CHRISTMAS SET: The always-impressive Roadside Pictures’ holi-daze flickr set appropriately titled, “Merry Christmas.”

- - - -


I appreciate their level of care and craftmanship, on everything they touch. Plus, the idea of some New Yorker hammering around the city with an axe is kinda cool.

Here’s what they say, “Every high-rise condo, luxury office, executive suite, ranch house, and farmstead must have a Best Made axe in it.”

Couldn’t agree more. Check ‘em out. Timmmmber!

- - - -

THIS ONE STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS FOR SOME TIME: A nice collection of old pencils.

- - - -

DESIGN IN FERDINAND TAKES ROOT: Alaska’s Lester Nelson has got guts. He’s living down in Manila, far from home, and taking on a pretty big project. He’s raising loot for a design school for Filipinos living in poverty. Heavy stuff. Heavy times. The idea of design helping some kid is pretty powerful.

Here’s the good word: Ferdinand Center for the Creative is a nonprofit center opening up soon in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. Our aim is to provide the finest graphic design education for young adults who canā€™t afford quality art education.

We’re down with that. Good luck to you, Lester!

- - - -

HOW CHICKENS WORK: Chicken innards. (Thanks, Cousin Scott!)

- - - -


01. Bonnie “Prince” Billy - Beware
02. Pavement - Brighten the Corners (Nicene Creedence Ed.)
03. Bob Desper - New Sounds

There Are 7 Comments

Enjoy your holidays back home Draplin. Cheers to a productive, kick-ass 2010!

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 12/23/09 at 12:58 PM

Thanks for the write-up on Ferdinand!

Posted by: Lester on 12/23/09 at 1:05 PM

Dude…you post some of the best design links. Is it possible to run out of bookmark space on my browser? It just may happen. Oh…and because of you, I bought one of those AWH bear tees. Damnit! Stop it! And by stop it, I mean keep doing it! Love the work you do, love the stuff you post. “Shitchyah!” Happy Holidays!


Posted by: brent on 12/23/09 at 11:09 PM

Have an awesome one, man. Happy holidays!

Posted by: Joseph X. Burke on 12/24/09 at 7:45 AM

Aaron, Dale and the Draplin Gang - Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Scott Leverenz on 12/24/09 at 8:20 AM

Not so sure about these Best Made Axe guys.
I mean, I agree that every man (and quite a few women) should own an axe, but their web site doesn’t say much about how they’re made.
If they were forging the heads themselves and assembling them by hand I could see it, but it seems like they’re just buying a $50.00 Home Depot axe, painting the handle and charging $250 for it.
Am I missing something here?

Posted by: Eric on 12/25/09 at 9:20 PM

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Posted by: marina on 02/21/10 at 10:54 PM
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