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December 03, 2009
Dallas And Back: Just Like That
Posted at 09:21 AM


The DVSC chat went great! Had a hell of a time telling my story and hocking my gear. Met a handful of kick-ass Texans, too. Thank you, everyone. Really. The opportunity to come down here, the hotel room, supper and incredible hospitality. Come to Portland. I’ll reciprocate. Deal.

The highlight of the mission was a quick stop downtown to check out Dealy Plaza and the site of the Kennedy Assassination. The place is rather surreal. Steeped in conspiracy, it intoxicates you and it’s hard not to over look the simple fact that an incredible man’s life ended right here. Those shots. Wherever the hell they came from, they changed the country forever. Pretty intense. I stood on the “X” briefly, checking out the “window on the 6th floor” and the “grassy knoll” to the left. You just have to wonder. Thanks for taking me down there, Brandon. Much appreciated.

Flew back today. Leaving Dallas, this is the stuff that was on the thinker:

01. Did Lee Harvey Oswald do it? Probably.
02. Where do the Polyphonic Spree practice?
03. Old Roger Staubach footbal cards. I had a couple as a kid.
04. That cheesedick tv show in the early ’80s. Bite me, J.R.!
05. Centro-Matic, to the north in Denton.
06. Just how sorry I feel for the city to inherit George W. Bush, that fucker.

- - - -

THAT LOGO, UP ABOVE: Whataburger! All over Texas, and keeping it real with that logo. Since 1950! Yeah, sure, it’s fast food and it’ll kill you and all that, but hell, it’s just a burger, people. Stupid, sure.

I just appreciate their consideration for their heritage, and the signs that haven’t been painfully modernized and all that. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or update it with fuckin’ gradients. Thanks, Whataburger.

So when you are down here, make sure you look for the signs. Hard to miss, really. On the Interstates and shit.

- - - -


My favorite page, aside from that mind-blowing cover, is that order form. That’s the kind of shit that gets me real hot. Kinky, kind of.

No messing around here. This link comes direct from the source, people: Black Cap Studio. Great stuff.

- - - -

HEY PORTLAND!: One week out! Don’t let all this Dallas stuff distract you. I’ll be spinning the same yarn on the 10th right here in the Rose City. Get with it and come on down for the deal. Here’s the official link: Designspeaks: Tall tales from a large man. And pretty much everything else from Aaron Draplin and the DDC. Presented by the good people of 52 Ltd. and AIGA Portland.

- - - -

FROM LOVEJOY, WHO’S EXTRA SWEET AROUND THE HOLIDAYS: Old poison labels. You suggesting something, little buddy? Just come out and say it.

- - - -


Some of Dallas’ finest…

01. P.W. Long - God Bless The Drunkard’s Dog
02. Polyphonic Spree - Together We’re Heavy
03. Young James Long - You Ain’t Known The Man

There Are 5 Comments

aaron, thanks again for coming down bro! really loved the stuff. i’m a big fan of pdx and will certainly give you a shout when i’m up north. before i do, i’ll stop by and get you a signature from ‘dubya’ if you like.

thanks again

Posted by: hal on 12/03/09 at 11:40 AM

Hey man, I’m trying to launch my brand, be a fan on FB! Fetterleydesign & Photo. I got a card here with your mug on it, and a mug here with your card on it. beeyotch.

Posted by: Matt Fetterley on 12/03/09 at 9:20 PM

Gotta respect the WHAT-A-BURGER! It’s probably the best “fast food” burger you will ever eat.

Thanks for the link to Black Cap Studios. Just found their downloads section and almost crapped my pants. The William Page 1858 type assortment is blowing my mind.

Stay Strong.

Posted by: Kyle Steed on 12/04/09 at 8:35 AM

Love Whataburger and all the wonderfully greasy food they serve up! Used to eat there all the time growing up in the Whataburger capitol of the world Corpus Christi.
Other great thing I remember about them, the big ass pointy roofs on their buildings. Before I even knew what a logo was I thought it was awesome that the buildings were shaped like their mark.

Posted by: Dan on 12/04/09 at 9:23 AM

I don’t even remember the sign looking that cool, but it’s badass! My sis took me there a few years back for some boigas ‘n fries. Deelish! Reminded of this now long defunct artery clogging burger place in my neck o the woods in Iowa. Just a regional chain….I think. Not much of a logo, but this is more about me waxing nostalgia and sharing it.


Posted by: brent veak on 12/04/09 at 2:34 PM
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