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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 23, 2009
This One's For You, Dan!
Posted at 10:11 PM


It’s been brought to our attention that one Dan down in North Carolina has been having a bit of a rough go, graphically speaking.

From us right to you: Dan, you gotta pull those pants up and get right up in the face whatever’s messin’ with you. Stare it down. And let it know that you ain’t gonna budge. Right now.

-Time’s a wastin’.
-Fight hard.
-Keep that chin up.

We’re thinking about you, buddy.

- - - -

THIS THING IS GETTING PRETTY OFFICIAL: AIGA Designspeaks with the DDC. I’ll be stammering, stuttering and spitting while spinnin’ one hell of a yarn the night of December the 10th, right here in Portland, Oregon. Be there. Door prizes. Tall tales. Accidental cussing. Examples of desktop publishing. Facts. Fiction. Long dogs. Orange things.

- - - -

LATE LAST NIGHT WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: Iceman. Been years since any kind of viewing. Forgot about it. A favorite of mine as a youngster.

- - - -

BEST THING I SAW ALL WEEKEND: Willie Nelson, at 76, completely sweeping me off my feet on Austin City Limits. Goddamn National Treasure, that man is. Really.

I saw Willie and Waylon in Northern Minnesota back in 2003 or something. Old ladies were going nuts. With Ryno, that broomballin’ bastard. Had a hell of a time.

- - - -

OH YEAH. SPEAKING OF GUYS HANDLING BALLS: Some progress has been made on that Minneapolis Narwhals logo, and Ryno got itchy and posted some of the turds we’ve been working up. Don’t jump the gun, man!

- - - -

SOMETHING LEIGH SENT IN: Weird tunes found in the desert. Freaky stuff. Messes with you. Be careful.

- - - -

ANOTHER ONE OF THE GREATS: Johnny at Folsom Prison. Love the grain in those shots. Another National Treasure, missed by many.

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yeah! dan’s our dude. he deserves this!

Posted by: Helen on 11/23/09 at 11:59 PM
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