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October 29, 2009
In The Wilco Details
Posted at 11:45 AM


WILCO’S ALWAYS DONE AN AMAZING JOB WITH THEIR STUFF: They’ve always had beautiful record designs first and foremost, as well as posters and t-shirts. Hell, they have a book for fuck’s sake. Two books, actually. Anyhoo.

All of it, always thought out and well-executed, kinda like their tunes. They are one of those bands that I appreciate on about 13 levels. Tunes, sure, but, their consideration for each detail in every facet of their existence. That sounds a little heavy, but what the hell.

Here’s an Wilco incredible poster that came across my radar. That Mikey Burton guy! Hell yes. Incredible stuff.

And then you’ve got Northern Ohio’s Joseph Hughes, and he knows Mikey, and he just made a shirt for the Wilco organization, and here’s the story about it. So good, man. Bravo.

I appreciate this stuff so much. Great work, fellas. “Dream Client” kind of stuff, you know?

There’s some great stuff going on in Ohio, readers. This isn’t the first time I told you this.

- - - -

MORE GUSHING FOR MIKEY: Check out this Richard Buckner poster he did. Damn. So good. That’s it. I’m going on a vicious Buckner iTunes run. Starting…right…now.

- - - -

HOPEFULLY IT’S WATERPROOF, YOU CAN FOLD IT UP, AND/OR DEFLECT CANON BLASTS: The map from Time Bandits, for sale. One of my favorite movies of all time. A favorite as a youngster.

Scary, too. The part where they are in those cages, hanging by ropes in the black infinity or whatever? So weird. That’s the kind of movie where you feel a little sad when it’s done, cuz you just kinda don’t want it to end. My take on it. (Good eye, Derek Schille. You find all the cool shit, you little beast.)

- - - -


- - - -

WACKY TOBACC-Y: But beautiful as hell. Old Spanish rolling papers. (Thank you Reilly Brennan. Much appreciated.)

- - - -


01. Richard Buckner - Devotion and Doubt
02. Richard Buckner - Since
03. Richard Buckner - Meadow
04. Richard Buckner - Bloomed

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just got my DDC t-shirt in the mail@!
thanks for all the quality freebies!

Johnny “Death Grip”

Posted by: john on 10/29/09 at 6:04 PM

All good stuff. They’re one of those bands that holds a special spot in my heart, certainly. A friend passed me this interesting piece on Wilco’s Irving Park, Chicago loft/studio space earlier today, actually:


Posted by: Joseph X. Burke on 10/29/09 at 8:06 PM
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