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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 09, 2009
Some Serious Output
Posted at 07:06 PM


What a week. Seriously. I’m just gonna tell you how it is for the DDC in October: You just don’t wanna mess with us in October.

That’s about as direct as it gets. Don’t do it.

Our output level is at an all-time high, more or less. All that time off last weekend, and the batteries are recharged and man, we’re making moves. Big moves.

Client meetings meeted. Pages designed. Files sent. Checks cashed. iTunes downloaded. Songs blasted. Records hoarded. Calls missed. Emails botched. Wiener dogs stretched. Strings played. Field Notes filled. iChats chatted. Merch orders sent.

Don’t mess with the DDC in October. That’s our official warning to you and everyone else.

- - - -

GOOD, CLEAN FUN..AND LONG DOGS: A fun ad for Kohler, using the king of the breeds! (Thanks, Angie!)

- - - -

SOME PRETTY SERIOUS INK: Glenn Sorrentino and his incredible tramp stamp.
Way better than a dolphin or ying yang mess or whatever!

- - - -

GOOD WORDS, ABOUT MR. VLAUTIN: The Longshot: Willy Vlautin’s Unlikely Road to Glory.

I’m just proud to have been able to roll my sleeves up for him, and the band.

- - - -

BACK WHEN LOGOS USED THAT “1-COLOR LIMITATION” SO WELL: Four logos from Mr. Bogusky. Much respect. (Sent in by Chris Streger, who is in Boulder just like Mr. Bo is. There you go. Thanks!)

- - - -

GOOD GOD, I’VE GONE TO SHIT: Chris L makes an illustration of, well, me. Man. Tough subject matter. My head’s pretty big as is. This kind of stuff makes it grow a little bigger. We’re gonna have to put an addition on the shop soon, just to fit the mess on my shoulders. Thanks for propping me up, Chris!

- - - -

BIG THANKS ARE IN ORDER: Thanks to all the good fuckers who bought an item (or two) of DDC Merch this week! Seriously. Good people like Clint Greene back in that MIdwest. That hat is on the way, brother!

- - - -


01. Lifter Puller - Fiestas + Fiascos
02. Idaho - Forbidden EP
03. Mule - If I Don’t Six (Fuckin’ great album.”Knife In The Ribs” good.)

There is One Comment

Chris L: Beasty illustration of Draplin. Nice.

Posted by: Kyle Caird on 10/12/09 at 11:54 AM
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