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Woke up and did a little rearranging to the presentation and headed over to the big room for my deal. I was nervous as hell, and got a little brine going leading up to the chat. 350 people? That’s a big number, man!

The incredibly-supportive AIGA organizers propped me up hard, with Field Notes distribution to the audience and votes of confidence. This being my first time and all, you know, I was just a little freaked out. I mean, Design Camp has had it’s share of impressive speakers. Just didn’t want to let anyone down.

Manuel from Spain gave me a spirited introduction and the floor was mine. I got up there and did my best to rip ‘em a new one.

Hearing your voice out in the crowd is pretty weird, and fun. All those eyes on ya is equally weird.

Using science, I boiled my presentation down into five sections:

01. Who I Am/Where I Am From
02. What I Do
03. How I Do It
04. Things I Love
05. Things I Hate

At the end of the “How I Do It” section, I showed a little video by Jess Gibson titled, “Scenes from the World Longest Yard Sale.” The place loved it. Evan Rose‚€”that pile of shit‚€”completely stole the show. Of course. Dale too. Hard not to just love that face. Thanks to Jess for putting the thing together. The campers really ate it up.

Here’s some proof, snapped by camper Chelsea Brink. Some more proof here, too. Thanks, Chelsea!

The talk went well, with good questions from campers at the end, and then a bunch of poster sales in the hall outside the big room.

Okay, listen up: I just wanna thank everyone for showing up, and for all the good words afterward. I really appreciate it. Had a blast telling you guys my tall tale. All the warts and moles.

The rest of the day, well, was a blur. I was just high as hell on how fun it was to meet all those campers. There you go.

- - - -

AND KNOW THIS: Dachshunds = Good Material. Just for reference, in case you ever find yerself up in front of 350 hungry campers. Good work, G-Unit.

- - - -

OH YEAH: Ryno came up late Friday night and we went AWOL down to Brainerd for some libations. Always good to see ya, you prick. Hopped a couple bars and shot the shit.

- - - -

THANKS ARE IN ORDER: See the font in the little “AIGA Minnesota” tag up above? Well, it’s called “Benguiat Buffalo” and its usage is supreme courtesy of Photo-Lettering by always awesome House Industries. Thanks, fellas!

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