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Out of the northwoods, and out across the prairie.

It was hard being so close to Minneapolis and not having enough time for a quick visit. Got as close as 53 miles, and then took a nasty that tooks us over to St. Cloud.

Did a quick stop at The Youth Shelter Supply to have a look around (great fuckin’ shred shop!), and then got on that big road and hightailed it for the North Dakota Border.

All those little towns got the best of us this morning, and we were dog tired by 8 pm. We pulled off in Fergus Falls, simply because we liked the sound of the place. Fergus. I like that. Got a good ring to it.

Haven’t been snapping too many shots. Too busy driving.

- - - -

WILL POWER, SORTA: It took everything in my power not to veer off the road this morning and do a little exploring down this one. Very tempting, Mitch, very tempting.

Great sign, too! Next time, I swear.

Another shot of that Rustic Road sign. So good.

- - - -

FROM FERGUS FALLS TO GHANA, IN ONE CLICK: Check out these bad-ass movie posters from Ghana. Man, those guys have it going on. Some serious shit there. (Thanks, Schille!)

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Too bad you didn’t have time for a drop by Minne. Next time, let me know, would love to buy you lunch.

Posted by: Greg Hubacek on 09/04/09 at 6:54 AM
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