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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 16, 2009
Fort Upload, Oregon
Posted at 07:09 PM


Uploaded the November issue today of Snowboard Mag, with a big ol’ sigh of relief. Our third issue of the season wrapped up and off to the printer. Hell yes! Thanks are in order for Basher, Nate, Baker, Tawnya, Grigsby, Verity, Pat, Digi Dave and even Lucky too, that fucker.

In fact, here’s the cover from our Buyer’s Guide. It’s out there right now, rippers. For you. To make yer season that much better. There you go. More proof. You know, in keeping with “showing more and more stuff I make.” Way proud of that mag.

- - - -

HARD NOT TO BE SAD WHEN LOOKING THROUGH THIS FLICKR SET: “The World Trade Center: A building project like no other.”

I was lucky enough to go up to the top of the North Tower in March of 2001. Baker and I went to the top, like proper tourists, gawking out the windows of the “Windows on the World” restaurant while folks scarfed down sandwiches and salads and what not. Still sad for all those people, and those buildings.

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“WOW” x “LOTS” = “CLICK HERE”: Vero Construc booklets over at Grain Edit. (Sent in by Lovejoy, that little devil. Thanks, buddy. Come on in, and soon, goddammit.)

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DDC TERROR ALERT LEVEL: “SLEEP IN, MOTHERFUCKERS!”: The New York Times gets a bunch of graphic designers to redesign the terror level alert warning system. They even got Sam Potts to roll up his sleeves. Hell yes. (This one comes in from one Ryan Clemens. Thank you.)

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Those Lips are filming a video in Portland next week and they need naked cyclists: http://bikeportland.org/2009/09/16/naked-bikers-needed-for-flaming-lips-music-video-set-in-portland/

Posted by: Fred Ihle on 09/16/09 at 9:55 PM
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