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September 11, 2009
Filled-Up Friday
Posted at 05:23 PM


Never a dull moment.

Worked the whole day on all kinds of stuff. Snowboard, Union, Coal, etc. Always on the up and up, people. Always. Fighting the whole way. Like a grizzly bear. A big, mean one with a jaw large enough to crush a human skull.

That’s what I used to think about when camping up in Alaska: Please don’t let that bastard’s jaw be smaller than my head.

- - - -

“GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” SALES ARE ALWAYS SAD: But if you are quick enough, you can rescue all kinds of awesome stuff. Ohio’s Kent Hardware was calling it quits, which is enough to bring you down a couple notches, but luckily Joseph Hughes grabbed a nice timecard slot thing, which works pretty well for Field Notes. Good work, man. Hell yes.

More and more we’re gonna be seeing this stuff. Sad to say. As the old guys get too old, and can’t turn to their halfass kids to take over the business, shit’s gonna fold. More and more. Hurts to even write these words. Fuck.

And what’ll be left? Here’s what: Big box bullshit. But we already knew that. There you go.

Sorry for the growling sentiment, but this shit gets me down, and I just let it fly.

- - - -


One of the best collections I’ve ever seen on the web. So damn Good.

I’ll start you off with this one, and the rest is up to you:

A-B | C-L | M-Q | R-Z

One more, just for the fuck of it.

(Thanks to Boise, Idaho’s Aaron Grable and Philadelphia, Penn.’s Chad Kaufman for sending that link in, mere minutes apart from eachother’s bad selves. Good eye!)

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