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August 30, 2009
AC On The Mind
Posted at 07:22 PM


Brent Veak got me all fired up last week with that incredible Allis-Chalmers logo. One of the best, from the Midwest. Thanks, man!

- - - -

FROM HEAD TO TOE: Allis-Chalmers over the years. Tons of stuff to see there. Orange, even!

Have fun in here. We sure did. Wow.

- - - -

BIG, AWESOME ALLIS-CHALMERS MACHINERY: “AC Allis Chalmers 260 E Pan.” Yep, knew it. I knew I’d been there before. Fun how this shit works. Ha.

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More Wisconsin greatness. Allis-Chalmers was once so large its west plant formed a township, now known as West Allis near Milwaukee.

To my family, this was the American dream. My dad, a German immigrant, grew up in West Allis not far from my in-laws who were Latvian. My wife’s grandpa Art worked at the AC factory until retirement, and took pride in his feats, always sporting an AC cap.

Posted by: Nate on 08/31/09 at 9:36 AM

not wedded one way or the other… but raise you a JD.

Posted by: jfox on 08/31/09 at 1:55 PM

Great link to the Allis Advertising Archive. Will definitely peruse it for inspiration

Posted by: BP Design Lab on 09/04/09 at 11:49 AM
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