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August 31, 2009
One Last Day In Michigan
Posted at 07:22 PM


Just working, wrapping shit up, enjoying a couple more meals with Mom and Dad, laying around, etc. Pushing off for Oregon tomorrow, as early as possible. Just gotta get as close to Shawano, Wis. as possible tomorrow night, and the first day will be a success.

Dad’s already started the “packing of the van.” Not to be messed with. Scientific, sorta.

Wisconsin. I’ve always liked saying it.

- - - -

NOT READY TO GIVE UP THE FIGHT JUST YET: Shit like this. So much heritage, gone. Out with the old, in with the forgettable.

- - - -

OH, WISCONSIN: Sun Drop mystery soda! We’re gonna get to the bottom of this. Or, the bottom of the bottle. Michael Nieling brought this one to my halfwit attention, and we thank him for it.

- - - -

A REASON TO GO THROUGH WAUSAU?: The coolest barn in the whole county.

- - - -

TRAINS! TRAINS! TRAINS!: A big, awesome set of trains. There you go.

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Sun Drop was (is) a popular soft drink where I grew up in Tennessee. There’s still a bottling plant in my hometown of Tullahoma.

It’s a VERY sweet citrus-type soda that has little chunks of what I think are lemon or orange peel in the bottom of the bottle. I never was a huge fan of it though. Buttermilk’s more my kind of drink.

My sister and I both live near DC and she still asks me to pick up a couple of 6-packs for her whenever I head back down South to see the family.

Posted by: Jeff Givens on 09/01/09 at 8:53 PM
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