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Just as we were getting revved up to take on the World’s Longest Yard Sale, Scott Hulgren of Valhalla Conquers sent the image in above saying, “Found in my father-in-law’s garage a little while back. Tape’s still in it! Use it as you’d like.” Great stuff, man. Thank you.

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BEEN SITTING ON THIS ONE FOR A WEEK: And I’m sure, by now, you’ve all seen it 47 times. Here it is again, jusrt because of how incredible it is. “Life Nature Library.” (Thank you to the mighty Eric “Madras Mean Streets” Samsel for sending this in, and completely blowing my gourd!)

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SPOILER ALERT: I read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” again the last couple nights. So hard to take, man. The part where the dad dies on the beach, with his kid clinging to him all night long…man…that part just rips you in half.

You just want the book to go on and on. To see what the little kid ends up doing, how they survive, if they survive, how long it takes for the atmosphere to get back to normal, etc. Incredibly scary stuff.

And the writing. I’m not articulate enough to accurately describe how beautiful Mr. McCarthy’s writing is. I don’t really know how to describe it other than, “It’s the kind of craftsmanship I savor so much. I read and reread so many paragraphs, just squeezing every little bit of beauty out them.” So much to be learned from the guy,.

The best stuff going. But then again, I wish I had time to read more, so, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

The movie comes out on Oct. 16th, or so they say. It was supposed to come out last year at that time, but got shelfed for whatever reason. Here’s that trailer again. Looks great. Scary as hell.

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NO SHORTAGE OF HONOR HERE: An incredible set of zodiac illustrations courtesy of the good people of Always With Honor. Bravo.

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SOME NICE TITLES IN THIS ONE: “The Strange Case Of The End Of Civilization As We Know It.” This one was sent in by James at 10engines. Thank you very much. Great stuff.

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Just finished “The Road” myself. A seriously fantastic read.

Posted by: Doug Wilson on 08/11/09 at 9:11 AM

The Road is one of my favorites as well. Just curious to know what you think the disaster was that killed off everything? Kinda of nice being a mystery, hoping that the film doesn’t dwell to much on that aspect of the story.


- Brad

Posted by: Brad Randall on 08/11/09 at 11:41 AM
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