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Today was the final day of the tour. The “Ohio Day.” We stayed in Florence, Kentucky last night, mere miles from the hustle-n-bustle of Cincinnati, got up early, crossed over into Ohio and did the last day enjoying the heat and humidty of Western Ohio, all the way up to that Michigan border.

Things petered out in West Unity, and with the last sale, the 2009 World’s Longest was a wrap.

Jess and Evan flew out of Cincinnati earlier this morning. Dale, Dad, Uncle Bob and I wrapped up the final day. We dropped Uncle Bob off at his cottage in Jackson, then dropped Dale of at his dad’s place in Charlotte, just south of Lansing. Then Dad and I raced up to Traverse City. Not too much to speak of on that last leg. Good conversation, if anything.

The fourth and final day: “Day 04 - 2009 World’s Longest Yard Sale”

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