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July 21, 2009
That Chicken Bowl
Posted at 07:38 PM


All I’ve got to live for is that Chicken Bowl down the street at Wahoo’s here in Boulder. Not much else.

I hate the name of the place. I hate the beach theme. I hate the faux action sport affiliation thing they have going on. But I do love that chicken bowl they make.

Here’s how you do it: You get the #7 Chicken Bowl with both white and black beans, white rice, extra salsa, three lime slices and here’s the crucial partā€”you gotta get a extra flour tortilla to “mop” up all the juices after you’ve decimated the plate. Wash it down with whatever yer poison is. I usually go the “ice water” route. There you have it. I can already taste that dish right now. We’re heading there in 10 minutes.

- - - -

FIELD NOTES IS HAVING ONE HELL OF A SUMMER: The blog at Field Notes Brand. Real proud of all that’s going down on graph paper. And ruled. And plain.

- - - -

FUTURA ON EARTH, AND ON THE MOON!: Says something about the, uh, universal quality of that font. We told you so.

- - - -

YOU KNOW, WITH BEING ON THE ROAD AND ALL, THIS ONE FIRE ME UP BIG TIME: Roadside Architecture’s incredible resource of cool stuff you’ll see out there on the open road. Been to this one a million times. Some great finds in there. You gotta know what to look for when you are setting out across some state, and here’s one hell of a resource to get yer affairs in order.

For now, just mess with the plumbing signs. See that George Morlan one? That’s some Portland for ya. Hell yes.

Wait not that fast. Don’t even think of passing up the “Giant Animals” section. The stuff I haven’t seen on that ridiculous list gives me a reason to keep living. I love America.

- - - -

IT’S SUMMER AND THE COLORS ARE THAT MUCH BETTER: Just like it says, you bastards: “Vintage State Luggage Decals.” Get in there.

And here’s the kicker on this one: “I got all of these for free out of a “Free” box at a garage sale in St. Paul, MN.” Incredible. That’s what the kid who found ‘em had to say. Best words I’ve read all day, from my lightless hovel in Boulder.

(Schille passed this one along, and we tip our hat his way. Thanks.)

- - - -

SOME REAL TRIPPED OUT SHIT HERE: Our buddy Seth Neefus gets written up in Juxatpose, man talking about his new project with Mark Warren Jacques. They’re calling it the “Free Life Center” and maybe you can “catch some of their mellow.” These guys are pretty chill, and we can all use a little “mellowing out,” if you catch my drift.

- - - -

THIS ONE’S BEEN IN THE INBOX FOREVER: And I can’t believe I waited this long to get it up and on this weblog. Damn. Here goes: An incredible old Papco Products parts container.

Here what Matt Rennickā€”the guy who graciously sent it inā€” had to say about it: “It’s an old sheet metal screw box but it’s found a new life holding small bike parts.” Perfect, man, perfect. Old life, with new life. Done. Approved!

- - - -


01. Zero 7 - When It Falls
02. Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff
03. Seam - Are You Driving Me Crazy

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Hey Draplin,

Welcome to Colorado, hope your time here is productive and enjoyable. Keep up the bad ass work!

Safe Travels!

Posted by: David on 07/21/09 at 7:39 PM

Whaoo’s? A Pre-fab “Edgy-Cool” mediocre chain restaurant!? Draplin! We got one in Austin too, and it was almost being passed off as local, until the good citizens became hip to the sad truth. KEEP THAT MESS LOCAL!

Sorry for that rant. Whaoo’s hits a couple of nerves.

Hope you are enjoying every bit Colorado (yes yes, even the Whahoo’s)!

Posted by: Joshua on 07/22/09 at 8:26 AM
Posted by: Streger on 07/22/09 at 9:28 AM
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