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Leigh Transport, Day 05: Sioux Falls, SD to Minneapolis, Minn.


01. Driving in the Midwest, and all it’s flatness. Oddly reassuring.
02. Seeing that Minneapolis skyline in the distance.


01. Saying good bye to Leigh, my beautiful damsel.
02. Saying good bye to Garold, my shit-ass dackel.
03. Not being able to hang in Minneapolis.

- - - -

63 VIEWS IN FULL COLOR: A Flickr set titled, “Leigh Transport” detailing highlights from the run back to Minneapolis.

- - - -


Beast both large, small and annoying that we saw along the route…

01. Grizzly Bear
02. Bison
03. Elk
04. Turtle
05. Bunny
06. Mosquito
07. Bee
08. Bald Eagle
09. Dead Deer
10. Live Deer
11. Jackelope
12. Cow
13. Horse
14. Bull
15. Oxen things

There is One Comment

I’m a few days behind you on the same route…lots of pictures of the same stuff. Half way through big horn it started pouring rain and hale, talk about white knuckle. that pass is stressful in good weather.

Posted by: Kirk on 07/08/09 at 9:28 PM
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