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Draplin Design Co., North America


PEP TALK: It’s Monday and I’m am busy as fuck and here’s what is going to go down.

I’m gonna get a mountain of stuff done over the next five days, and I’m going to give 100-motherfucking-percent, and I’m gonna listen to 100 records, and I’m gonna look at 100 great sites, and I’m gonna try to learn 100 guitar licks on the D-35, and I’m going to eat 15 wholesome, life-giving meals, and the whole time…

…I’m going to love doing it, and it’s gonna be fun as hell.

Here’s goes, everyone. Have a kick-ass week.

- - - -

THIS STUFF IS GETTING OUT OF HAND: Reading Between The Leading interviews me about my early days, and how I got into this stuff, and I talk way too much, and well, it’s up for the world to listen to. Here you go: “Reading Between The Leading vs. Aaron Draplin.” Thanks for the airtime, fellas!

- - - -

ONE OF THE GREATS: Five questions with by Jay Farrar.

- - - -

THERE GOES THE GODDAMN MORNING: “The Lubalin Archives at Cooper Union.” (Offered up by one Darryl Norsen of the Massachussetts variety. Incredible link, man, incredible link.)

- - - -

THIS FRIDAY: Layer Tennis semi-finals! The DDC vs. Hubacek. Gonna be a fun one. More details as they roll in over the next couple days.

- - - -

CATCH IT BEFORE IT’S GONE: Guided By Voices’ Watch Me Jumpstart on Pitchfork. So American. So Ohio. So good.

- - - -

SPEAKING OF OHIO: Here’s one Joseph Hughes sent in, featuring the photographic prowess of his better half Casey Myers: “Ohio China Wholesale, Co.” Good work, lady! Check that “O” with the state shape! Nice.

- - - -


01. Guided By Voices - Vampire On Titus
02. Guided By Voices - Propeller
03. Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes

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Excellent interview, brother, I always enjoy listening to you yap. Thanks for the mention. I’d also like to hear the follow-up/backstory podcast where they interview your dad.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 06/22/09 at 12:00 PM

Really enjoyed that Life of Draplin interview. Great stuff. And man, that Lubalin set was too much.

Posted by: Huckleberry Hart on 06/23/09 at 9:22 AM

Just listened to your interview with RBTL and was really inspired. Actually listened to it while working a design job that I’ve been having a pretty shitty attitude about, so it was good to hear. Thanks for that

Posted by: Brendan Stromberger on 06/23/09 at 10:28 AM
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