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June 14, 2009
Loading Out
Posted at 11:07 PM


Unfortunately, Shellac was sold out last night and the “big night out” turned into a “little night driving around town with Dale.” Sometimes, that’s just how it goes. They are playing tonight again, but, the posters call, so Leigh and I are in here going to town on these fuckers.

What you are seeing above is what it looks like when you load up a mountain of posters to be sent to proud people who believe in the DDC. If you haven’t just yet, you should order a poster.

You think this weblog has sass? Wait until this orange monstrosity takes over yer wall. I mean, come on. This was “our very best effort” and we think you should have one. Details right here, folks.

- - - -

SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO: My lady Leigh. She was integral in the “getting the posters out the goddamn door” phase of this undertaking. Seriously.

- - - -

AND THEY’RE OFF: What Leigh and I went to see this afternoon: Weiner Takes All: A Dogumentary

It was pretty good. Of course, the dogs melted us right off the bat, but, like anything, it ain’t really the dogsā€”it’s their goofy-ass owners, and man, this movie delivers you a handful of ‘em. Fun for the whole family. Longest dogs going. King of the breeds.

Leigh’s got a couple cool clips on her internet site.

There is One Comment

The posters look like turbo monsterous Cigarettes loaded up in that van!

Posted by: Jas on 06/16/09 at 8:39 AM
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