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Draplin Design Co., North America

POSTER UPDATE: Everything is packaged up. Just gotta load the van. Wait until you see this shot.

- - - -


It’s Sunday and I’m in the shop with Marty and we are getting pretty nasty with plastics. Every color under the sun.

- - - -

ALWAYS GOOD TO REVISIT THESE: Dieter Ram’s Ten Commandments. Universal. So much to learn here. Have respect for the greats.

- - - -

BRAZIL, WE GOT IT FOR YOU: An incredible stamp from 1984, from SoMuchPileup.

- - - -

A POSTER SHOW IN NYC, WE WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE IN: Numbers: A Silent Auction to Benefit the TDC Scholarship Fund. Check ‘em all out. Some good stuff in there. Like this one.

Or this one by old MCAD buddy Will Staehle. Bravo, man. One of the nicest guys I met at school. So good to see you out there getting awesome!

Here’s the one I made: Simply titled, “Bernie.”

Wipe that fuckin’ smile of yer face. 65 Billion dollars. Say it one more time. Way to go, Bernie. Cool name, bad legacy.

Wish I was in the city this weekend to see it go down. Good luck, TDC!

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