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April 21, 2009
Old Machine Decals On The Mind
Posted at 10:33 AM


Port Angeles Norm writes in and says, “I’m in the process of acquiring an old (1900-1910) four-sided wood planer (a HUGE flat-belt-driven beast), so I’ve been hanging out at this site learning stuff… just noticed they have downloadable old artwork for some of the machines.”

Yes they do. An incredible resource: One hell of a “Old Machine Decal Archive.” Don’t miss that one.

Now, I’ve got a hunch these are enthusiasts rebuilding these, and what I love most about it, is that for the most part, they are preserving these old tool decals appropriately. Sure, some of the fonts choices seem a little off/misplaced, but, they’ll get those right soon enough. I just love the energy, and respect for keeping the heritage intact. The kind of stuff that we need more and more of.

Here’s where shit got real intense. I started clicking around and found their photos archives. Click around on the links underneath the “Description/Model” heading, and prepare to have yer head swell, and explode. Just like mine did when you find stuff like this.

Good job, machine enthusiasts!

Norm, you gotta warn me before you send a link like that one. That shit’s got the potential to wreck a man’s whole fuckin’ workweek! The DDC salutes you.

- - - -

NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SAYING, SO THANK GOD FOR SUBTITLES: Letterpress masters down in Sao Paulo, Brazil! Required viewing. That’s what I call “just about perfect.” To make those big posters, and then see them all over town must be such a jolt. Thank you, Sao Paulo. (Via Coudal Partners of Chicago, Ill.)

- - - -

HERE’S ONE MIKEY SENT IN YESTERDAY: The Holden boys went crab fishing out in the ocean out of Brighton, Ore. a couple days back. “75 bucks to rent a Skiff for two hours, with pre-baited crab traps,” is what Mikey claimed the going rate was. Here’s a little something they saw just before pushing off into the ocean. Pretty good. Very briney. That which comes from the sea, goes right back to it.

- - - -

ONE PART SAD, ON PART PUZZLED: In the United Kingdom a little shop called, “Thompson Bros Ltd” is going out of business, and selling everything off in an auction. I don’t know the circumstances, or even what the hell they did, but I do know this: It was an incredible shop, and here’s a photo set that shows all the stuff up for bids. And another. This is from the listing: “IRONMONGERS STOCK & EQUIPMENT” Sounds like some pretty serious stuff, right? Here’s a pile of beautiful stuff. I get a little sad looking at this. I hope it gets into the right hands. You just get the feeling you are losing something so culturally beautiful, for the ages. Hope not.

- - - -

THIS ONE IS FOR “THE BIRD” AND RYNO: Mark Fidrych, 1954-2009

- - - -


01. Sonic Youth - Sister
02. Descendents - Somery
03. Wilco - Being There

There Are 3 Comments

I love that old iron. Here’s one that I rebuilt: http://www.owwm.com/photoindex/detail.aspx?id=210

Posted by: Jeff Givens on 04/21/09 at 11:00 AM

Man, right off the bat that Atlas Press stuff punched me right in the neck. So good.

Posted by: Clay on 04/21/09 at 12:30 PM

That letterpress printing video is outstanding. So so good.

Posted by: Mike Davis on 04/21/09 at 12:33 PM
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