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STARTING THE WEEK OFF WITH A REAL BANG: Here’s a mountain of colophon logos from back in the day. Whoa.

Here’s the “A-G section” and the “H-Z section.”

With standouts like this, this, this, this and this.

(This link was sent in by one Chelsea Nordstrom, who lives and studies in New York City, a large city on our nation’s Eastern coast. Thank you and keep up the good fight, lady!)

- - - -

TONIGHT, IN PORTLAND, RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM ME: The Jackpot Records Film Fesitval. And it’s free! Wow.

Tonight’s offering is, Dirt Road To Psychedelia about all the tripped out bands in Austin in the 1960s. Pretty excited for this one.

But, Wednesday is the night. That’s when they play Vinyl about quirky record collectors. A threat: I WON’T BE MISSING THAT ONE FOR ANYTHING.

Here’s the snippet on that one: “Vinyl seeks not to talk to people who collect vinyl records about music, but rather to discuss what drives a person to collect records in the first place. In addition to celebrities like Canadian actor/director Don McKellar and American Splendor creator Harvey Pekar, Alan Zweig speaks to a variety of record collectors including a car wash employee who claims to own over a million records and to have memorized the track listing of every K-Tel collection he owns, a government employee who refuses to organize his collection because he doesn’t want people to come over, and a man who threw out his large record collection rather than sell or give it away because he didn’t want anyone else to own it.”

Incredible. See you there. Dale? Mark? You better be there.

- - - -

YOU HAVE SOME GUTS, MR. SWAYZE: I was in the supermarket line the other day and looked up to see some tabloid with a rather sickly-looking Patrick Swayze on the cover. Leave the guy alone, you fuckers. He’s in a rough spot, and still has the guts to go out into public to live what’s left of his life. Goddamn parasites. He’s stronger that your insidious camera click will ever be.

Colin “Redcard” Whyte of Canada sent this one in, and well, I’m not gonna try to describe it: You make the call.

- - - -

LOVE THIS STUFF: Muji Online, for North America! Been using this stuff since 1998 when MCAD friend little Miki Araki blew my mind and gave me a catalog from Japan. Incredible stuff. Reasonable prices. I got to hit a real store in London and stocked up on stuff a couple years back. Over the years, I’d place an order with the London site, and wait forever for the stuff to show up. So, this is good news, consumers of simple, utilitarian items. Love this stuff. One of the reasons I thought up the whole Field Notes thing.

Stuff like this and this and this.

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“Vinyl” was up for download a couple years ago and a friend of mine got it before it got taken down. It is an excellent doc. Absolutely made me love The Louvin Brothers. I wish it was out on DVD.

Posted by: Derek Schille on 04/20/09 at 12:35 PM
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