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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 08, 2009
Yow Night
Posted at 12:15 PM


FLY ON THE WALL: Tonight’s Yow Night, so get with it and get over to PNCA to hear him talk. 6pm, you little nubs.

I’m rather intrigued with this guy. Have been for a long time. His wry sense of humor, unabashed stage presence, brilliant yet wildly disturbing lyrics and the overall power of the band playing with him. All of it mixed together was something incredible. And tonight we get a peek at what made a lot of that stuff tick. Thank you to Jason Resch and PNCA for getting this thing going.

The Draplin Design Co. wholeheartedly endorses David Yow, and is gigantically thankful The Jesus Lizard was on our radar in those early-to-mid 1990s. Best live show going. Hands down.

I made a trek from Portland all the way up to the Gorge at George for Lollapalooza 1995. I just went for The Jesus Lizard. Others went for Sinead O’Connor or Beck. I remember Yow addressing the minions up on the hill, a couple hundred yards away, pointing to his side or something, “I have a mole I wish you were close enough to see.” And then they kicked into “Monkey Trick” or some pounding beast of a song.

I remember being freaked out at seeing them all small up on that big stage, and it being during the day, and how weird it felt, and kinda deflating. I did get to see Sonic Youth as the sun set over the gorge. That memory will remain in the thinker for a long goddamn time.

- - - -

SOUTH MOUTH: Here’s an interview with The Jesus Lizard from 1991, which, in terms of my half-ass little life, is a long goddamn time ago.

- - - -

NO MORSEL OF SPUNK HAD HE LEFT: The Jesus Lizard doing, “Killer McHann.” New Jersey, 1993.

- - - -

HAND OVER YER HEART: Old Patriotic Poster Stamps. From back when “patriot” meant something other than fuckin’ Toby Keith, Sean Hannity and or Rush Fuckbaugh. I watched the Daily Show last night to listen to how the right winger pundits were spinning Obama’s European visit. For the first time in a long, goddamn time, I am proud of the people who represent us. I don’t feel shame and embarrassment. I have hope. I’ll stop right there.

- - - -

JUST LIKE IT SAYS: A photo project called, “The American Craftsman Project.” Incredible stuff. So many lessons to be learned. (Sent in by proud American and Portland buddy Jim Golden.)

There Are 4 Comments

Man. So jealous of this Yow thing. Maybe some smart-guy will film it for the rest of us.

One of the only bands that can still get me to crank it all the way up and stomp around like an ape with 2 fists up, every time.

“I call my brother over to here. HEY BROTHER! WHOOOOAOAOAOAO”

Posted by: Eric Powers on 04/08/09 at 12:51 PM

craftsman site is epic. briliant stuff.

Posted by: james on 04/08/09 at 1:11 PM

That American Craftsman project just blew me away. Great photos, great site, inspiring stories.

Posted by: Andy on 04/08/09 at 1:37 PM

“For the first time in a long, goddamn time, I am proud of the people who represent us.”

Fuckin’ A.

Posted by: Jeff on 04/08/09 at 8:46 PM
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