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870 OF THE THINGS: A mountain of Ice Cream Vans on Flickr.

I had a buddy in Bend who had an ice cream truck. Every new product came with tons of stickers to slap on the side of the thing. Beautifully-printed Reese’s Peanut Buttercup explosions and push-ups and whatever. Weatherproof, too. He gave me a stack of the things, and I’m sure if I dig deep enough, I could find them in the archives. Plus, he had a pretty intense pile of “old product” he didn’t sell that was beginning to spoil in the freezer he had dedicated to it all in the garage.

Now that’s “good work if you can get it,” if you ask me: “Being the Ice Cream Guy in your neighborhood.”

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“AWESOME” x “REALLY” ÷ “CHICAGO”: More greatness by Mr. Hudson.

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FIGHTING THE ECONOMY, ONE PENNANT AT A TIME: A promotional pennant by the freedom fighters of Portland’s FeelGoodAnyway. I challenged them to a “meeting of the minds” a day back and it looks like they might be coming over to the shop. You man enough, Eller?

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YOU FUCKERS BETTER BE GOING TO THIS: Portland’s talking about Yow Night this next wednesday.

Also, in my excitement Monday, I forgot to tell you a little about who the hell is behind this one:

Jason Resch of TwentyFour7 and PNCA is friends with Mr. Yow, and put this thing together. After he accepted the invite, Jason went to his students to create the poster. What you are seeing here is the handiwork of student Davis Roos, with a little motivational tuning from the DDC. Good work, man. As simple as that.

See you there.

- - - -

ON THE PLAYER TODAY: Toronto’s Great Lake Swimmers brand spankin’ release titled, “Lost Channels.”

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Holy shit, where did you get the image up at the top of this post? The same damn thing is hanging up in my living room right now.

Posted by: Kevin on 04/08/09 at 8:43 PM
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