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April 29, 2009
Heading Back To The Homeland
Posted at 10:41 PM


Made it home. Flied the friendly skies. Two mellow flights, absolutely packed to the gills. Being the “man of size” I am, I fill that seat up pretty good. You gotta pity whoever’s flanking me, as we’re gonna be “getting to know each other rather well.” Kinda gross.

I made it home to this lady and this beast, and well, all’s complete.

- - - -

A LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES: Here’s Dave installing those shelves we were talking about on Tuesday morning. Serious real estate. I’ve got 30 of the 42 cubes filled, and Job No. 01 when I get back will be figuring out the “what goes where” concerning the mess I transferred over. So much space to work with. Thanks, Mr. Seaone. You are golden.

- - - -

ALL THE WAY FROM NEW ZEALAND: Here’s how you say, “Daywrecker” in Kiwi: “Daywrecker!” All kinds of incredible signage to be viewed at Preserve. Get in there and get dirty. (This one was uncovered by the good people of Quality Vintage.)

- - - -

AN IMPRESSIVE LITTLE STAPLER: Urban Outfitter’s “Solid Wood Stapler.” Just like it sounds.

- - - -

CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS: Disney Week over at SoMuchPileup. Required viewing. Don’t miss this one.

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You gotta admit, they did a great job with the new Traverse City airport. The old one was horrible and expensive to fly into and out of, but the new one is clean, nice and the design/architecture reflects the woodsy nature of Northern Michigan. Still costs a small fortune to fly into, though.

Posted by: Cameron Barrett on 04/30/09 at 1:41 PM
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