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LOTS OF QUOTATION MARKS: Okay, sure, “we don’t get out much.” You won’t find us at the “cool art openings” or “fresh movie screenings” or, hell, “too much of anything that involves leaving the shop.” And it’s not cuz I have some kind of “I’m over that” thing going on, it’s just cuz I usually “find out about shit a couple days after the fact.” My dilemma.

But here’s one for you, that you won’t want to miss:

David Yow of The Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid and Qui, will be coming to Portland’s PNCA this next Wednesday, armed with a rather wicked photoshop stamp tool, and will be talking with all of us about life.

- April 8th.
- PNCA, Portland.
- 6 o’clock in the P.M.
- Free as the wind.

Yeah, that David Yow.
The David Yow that captured the hearts and glands of many a wide-eyed youth of the early, pounding ’90s. I got to see The Jesus Lizard a handful of times, and hands down, I am here to tell you: They were the best shows going. Fuck all the rest.

LaLuna, Portland, 1994. I’ll never forget Yow wrapping that mic cord around his forearm 10-12 times as tight as possible, and the band kicking in as he wailed, “I can swim!” and catapulted himself out onto the crowd. Bouncers had to reel him back in at the end of the song, sweating, bleeding and evil-eyed.

Plus, as I’ve spoken about a couple times on this halfwit blog, The Jesus Lizard is reuniting for some shows this summer and fall and what not, and for fuck’s sake, it’s the ONLY reunion tour worth seeing. Christ.

See you there, you mouthbreathers.

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I love map keys on an old map.

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15 REASON TO LOOK BACK IN TIME: “15 Vintage Household Ads.” (“Big ups” to Dave for sending this one in.)

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ON THE PLAYER TODAY: Goerge Harrison’s epic, All Things Must Pass.

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like dust with boots on.

Posted by: derek d on 03/31/09 at 6:47 PM

He was just here in Chicago. The gang at Upshot loves them some Yow. Talent.

Posted by: AJ Croce on 04/03/09 at 8:53 AM

Hey Aaron - Say ‘hi’ to David for me. He was just out here in Chicago visiting our shop to talk photoshop skillz. Naturally we also talked about his other reason for being in our city, Touch ‘n Go’s reissue of some Jesus Lizard material. Can’t wait for that. For some reason Yow doesn’t want them to reprint all the photos they have of him with his pants off. Silly boy.

Anthony //

Posted by: Mr. Munoz on 04/03/09 at 9:06 AM
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