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We got up as early as we could and got the hell out of that pit. I levitated above my hotel bed 2-3 inches all night, this way I wouldn’t have to touch those bedbug sheets or brown pillows. Feeling no refreshment whatsoever, we found the 299 Highway that cuts over the coastal range over to Eureka exited Redding.

143 miles of winding, Humboldt nightmares.

It passes right through a town that’s captured my imagination since I started reading. Willow Creek is the home of the annual “Bigfoot Days.” Tall tales, pun intended. Fun for the whole family. The local museum wasn’t open, and here’s what we missed, sadly. Damn.

We finally got over to Eureka, then headed north up into those holy Redwoods. Take yer hat off in church, and in the Redwoods. Got it?

I get real quiet driving through those Redwoods. One part awe, one part feeling very small and meaningless. I mean, these things have been around for 2000 years. I’ve been around 35, and look at the mess I’ve made.

We drove through them, winding along the coast, looking up, stopping occasionally to look up more. Incredible.

Goo had this to say today, “You know there are only 2 percent of the original Redwoods left, right?” Well, this country can break your heart sometimes, too.

We got out of the Redwoods and up to Grant’s Pass and then on up through Oregon to our Portland home. Our little adventure, all wrapped up. Some 1500 miles or something. A good, little getaway.

- - - -

Here’s a Flickr set called, “Bend/Reno/Sacto/SF/Redwoods Road Trip.” There’s a little collection of images from the getaway.

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