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March 26, 2009
Tails = Reno
Posted at 07:37 AM


That coin toss came up, “Tails” so we headed down to Reno, Nevada.

Made it as far as Bend on Wednesday night. Took Leigh on a late-night tour of my old stomping grounds; showing here old homes we used to rent, places we hitchhiked from and eateries and watering holes we’d frequent. Scenes from my “snowboard bum” phase of 1993-1998. Couldn’t take her up on Pilot Butte as the damn gate was locked. Still sore about that one.

We’re in the Rainbow Motel, a couple blocks from Highway 97, and there’s some desert hag a couple doors down who’s piss drunk, screaming at her man about handjob dynamics. I shit you not. Nice thing to fall asleep to. Sorry, Leigh. I’ll pick a better shut-eye spot tomorrow night in Reno. I promise.

We’ll be getting up early Thursday morning and finishing up the final 400 miles down to Reno.

- - - -

SOME MATH FOR YOU: “King of the the Breeds” + “Neon” = This gem that Jon M. Johnston sent in. This stuff will NEVER get old for me. Good eye, man.

- - - -

A HEAVY ONE, SO BE PREPARED: The moving “Days With My Father” by photograher Phillip Toledano. There’s not too much to say about this one, other than, “Be thankful for each and every day you have.”

- - - -

TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS, EVERY DAY: Here’s one called, “Tiger Mike Memos” where an oil man loses his shit daily on his company letterheads. Fun stuff.

I say the same thing to Forgash often, “DO YOUR JOB AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!” However, I don’t write him a letter. (Sent in by the fiesty Johndan Johnson-Eilola from outpost in this fine nation.)

- - - -

WE’VE BEEN HERE MANY TIMES, BUT IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO GO BACK: The incredible Flickr set called, “1930s-40s In Color.” That color and detail humanizes the old, iconic black and white images stuck in yer head. These were yer Grandparents when they were young! They lived and loved and fought and worked just like we are now. Moving. (Sent in by Jeff Givens of Southern Skies Coffee Roasters of Sykesville, Maryland. Thanks!)

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the Rainbow Motel is a classic…sucks they locked the gate at pilot butte, that place is rad especially at night.

Posted by: Shaun Sundholm on 03/27/09 at 12:06 PM

Ahhh - Bend. I grew up in Bend and lived there for 19 years. I haven’t been back since 1989. I hope you went to the Snow Bunny Cafe. Do the emo kids still hang out at the parking lot at Drake Park?

Posted by: Troy Coleman on 03/27/09 at 12:37 PM
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