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March 21, 2009
Battle Ground Or Bust
Posted at 07:24 AM


We’re heading up to Battle Ground this morning. In Washington state, just north of the city, across the river.

Big estate sale up there going on that sounds real promising. I’m sure the usual suspects’ll be up there, fidgeting in line, acting nervous and sweating. Some people junk for a living. You gotta steer clear of those ones. Little too much “business” and not enough “pleasure.”

I like to think I’m “rescuing” stuff from the hands of someone who could care less, and simply view the item in question as one more transaction on eBay or whatever.

Or, to take it more step in the delusional direction, I like to think I’m honoring the residents who used t own the item, and as they look down upon us from some heavenly plane (or maybe up, from the pits of Beezlebub’s cauldron) they find great pleasure in that fact that someone is going to put something to good use.

That’s the stuff that goes through my head at these joints.

Okay, Leigh’s ready to go and looks like a million bucks and Dale’s ready over on Burnside and 57th and looks like 37 bucks. Fingers crossed for good treasures. Full report to follow.

- - - -

ABSOLUTE BEST GODDAMN THING WE SAW ALL WEEK LONG: Bryan’s beat street breakdown intro for the “Vit vs. Potts”Layer Tennis battle that went down yesterday. Yo, that guy’s got mad skillz. Man. Doesn’t get much bettter than that.

There is One Comment

Would that be the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD? I’ve actually been there.

Posted by: Pablo's Nachos on 03/22/09 at 4:50 PM
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