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The Northwest’s heaviest, in so many ways/weighs! The best thing to come out of the whole “Grunge Thing” up north. Seriously.

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HEAVILY RECOMMENDED: The new Tad documentary is worth every penny.

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I weighed in on my love for Tad a couple months back. Nothing has changed there.

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Buckmaster got me into Tad. Big and meaty like myself, Mike Buckmaster was a Tad fan way back in the day and got me hooked on them. Heck yes. “Buckmaster.” One of the best last names, maybe ever.

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I was there…. TAD is heavy as fuck, spits molten nuts and bolts…. Just rips like no one else…. The most underrated Heavy Rock band of the 1990’s…. A living legend to any Seattelite that was around in the 1980’s or 90’s. If you like REAL… if you can’t stand Bullshit…. if you need a fix and want to bang a new dent into your forehead… Buy some TAD

Posted by: Bing Sinatra on 04/26/08 at 1:02 AM
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