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November 06, 2007
Help Me Jack Pepsi!
Posted at 11:40 AM


Been digging up a lot of the heavy stuff from my earlier years the last couple days to get me through catalog season. Sunday was Poison Idea. Monday was a bunch of old hardcore. Today, TAD is on the player.

Big and meaty, big and brawny, in my estimation, this is my favorite band to come out of the, dare I say, “Grunge” thing that swept the Northwest, and, world at large.

From the Sub Pop site: They were the last Seattle band from the late ’80s to be signed to a major label. When a controversial album poster for the album “Inhaler” was released, featuring a picture of Bill Clinton smoking a joint and saying “This is heavy shit,” they were dropped from the label.

- - - -

Some TAD pictures to get yer day off to a burly start.

- - - -

NOTE: This post is completely dedicated to Mike Buckmaster. He got me rolling with God’s Balls, and, well, that’s where it all started.

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I used Peter Bagge back in the day (1993) when I had Burning Bush Studio to help us with the George Thorogood album, “Haircut”. Super fun to work with. Bringin back the old memories.

Posted by: styk on 11/06/07 at 12:27 PM

cool stuff on this one. i love the parking garages and the train photos. http://www.kropilak.com/?go=garages

Posted by: andrew on 11/06/07 at 7:12 PM
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