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Draplin Design Co., North America



JUST IN TIME FOR FALL: The DDC Autumn T-Shirt Offering.

We say this often: You need one of these.

Three designs this time around, in four colorways:

01. DDC-018 “Nameplate Torso Cover”
02. DDC-019 “DDC Classic Torso Cover”
03. DDC-020 “Long Breed Gary Torso Cover - Lime Green”
04. DDC-021 “Long Breed Gary Torso Cover - Virgin White”

- - - -

Many, many thanks to everyone who purchased a shirt yesterday. Even with the holiday and all, and the orders came flyin’ in. So good. I am shipping out a pile this morning, out of a proud little post office in downtown Lake Ann, Michigan.

A one horse town. Tiny. But don’t fret, they can handle the weight:“Small, but friendly.”

- - - -

WHEN I AM HOME WITH THE PARENTS: Where I shop for dry goods, vittles, hooch and snuff.

- - - -

The new Grenade Gloves site launches. The time is now, soldiers.

- - - -

I updated the Ride Snowboards Case Study in my Work section. Real proud of those decks.

- - - -

Stupore! Italy’s own Olimpia Zagnoli. Some great illustration going on here. Real good. Ciao!

- - - -

The Swigg shop is open for business. You might find something you love there.

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Draplin, Glad to see your right on top of it. Been wondering when you were going to update your client lists. Thanks for the write up, like minded chaps always are the best to work with. That way whenever your ass needs beaten it’s always a friendly fistfight. No sucker-punching going on here. Peace.

Posted by: styk on 10/09/07 at 9:13 AM

Yeah, that new Grenade Gloves site sure is amazing. I can only wonder in amazement, which fantastically brilliant web development firm is responsible for this masterful display of pure talent.

Posted by: BDG on 10/10/07 at 3:07 PM
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