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Draplin Design Co., North America

The rain the last couple days was a welcome addition to the backyard, making what’s left of that rat’s-nest-of-a-backyard soft and lush for little babies and dachshund, alike.

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I’ve got bad memories attached to the logo above, so, it’s hard for me to get off the the goodness of it. Here’s what it means to me: “It’s 5:45am and I am washing dishes until 10pm tonight, on a moving train.”

I’ve got a little section in the works that’ll be dedicated to my “time on the rail” that is being worked up. Complete with photos, profiles and war stories from my four summers on Alaska. Oh man, are we gonna let some shit fly. No one will be spared. Our threat.

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Ben Munson of Horton Unlimited has got a new daily type thing going on called, “This Day In Type.” He trusted us to do today’s date, and man, I sure was sweating their submittal process. Ben Munson ain’t one to be messed with.

Get over there and bookmark that site, and tell all yer friends. This is a good one. I can smell a “daily visit kinda thing” from here on out, man. Do it. Join. Contribute. Make some type. Now.

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Whole Lotta Kral: So much greatness here. A guide for all things good, graphically. Joe’s been a big inspiration going back just about a decade or so to those wild, daily TPC days. Thanks, man. Bravo.

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Glass, again! All sorts of pertinent info pertaining to the AMC Pacer. This receipt only made getting up eary and clicking this link, well, all kinda “worth it.” Great colors.

I used to catch a ride over to the VoTech center with a rather wild kid by the name of Ron Boyle. He drove this real hunk-of-shit brown Gremlin. The floorboard was rusted through, and at the right speed, the windshiled would sort of pop up to let the blowing snow in.

- - - -

Plain and simple and beautiful: Some hometown photography from the folks at PlainSimple out there in Salt Lake City. (Passed from desk to desk, in folded note form, by the peaceful Andy Beach.)

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Draplin’s art=the best yet. Thanks for the love.

Posted by: Horton Munson on 05/22/07 at 9:43 AM

So I wake up and see tha blue flag and want to kill you. Why would u put that up there knowing full well what it means to us. Damn, the sight of that logo is utterly disgusting. And when your special section somes out do not go where I think you will be going. Cause i got plenty of stuff…brother of the dishwash and thigh chafe hang. If u gonna bring it….then im gonna sing it.

Fred Green

Posted by: Fred Green on 05/22/07 at 10:24 AM


Posted by: ty on 05/22/07 at 11:25 AM
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