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A great day. Way too much to detail. Another one for the recordbooks.

Bluebird skies. Nice and cool and crisp. Unbridled Kentucky sprits. A hot shower. Lunch on Bardstown. The dude abides. Hanging with Hoss. Family. A visit to Lolleyland. An awesome flea market. Uno. Heading south to Abe Lincoln’s birthplace. A little tourist town called, “Horse Cave.” A run north on Interstate I-65. Extra footage from American Movie. Laughs.

- - - -

An exchange in the parking lot of the Most Awesome Flea Market In The World:

There’s a couple shacks in the parking lot with tables of items. Old tools, forgotten videocassettes and guns. Lots of guns. Rifles. Handguns. Even a Tommy gun. Bullets.

DDC: “So, what’s the deal with buying a gun in Kentucky?”
Proprietor: (Some mumbling.)

I move closer.

DDC: “What’s it take to buy a gun here? You guys do a background check?”
Proprietor: “Cash and carry, son.”
DDC: “Really?”
Proprietor: “You bet. Cash and carry. Ha.”

I picked up some meaty large-bored handgun and aim it at PJ or something.

Proprietor: “But, y’know, I don’t sell them to foreigners and stuff.”

And stuff. Right. Thank heavens. Wow. What a country.

175. “Kathleen Lolley, Lolleyland, Germantown, Louisville, Kent.”
176. “One of the greatest in the land…”
177. “The Most Awesome Flea Market In The World.” Really.
178. “A treasure among a load of sharp, dangerous surplus tools.”
179. “Minute Maid brilliance.”
180. “The castle surround the simple birthplace of Abe Lincoln.”
181. “Where it all began for Abe.”
182. “The log cabin.” So American.
183. “In the giftshop.”
184. “But, of course.”
185. “A dead Shell station on route 31.”
186. “Beautiful ruins.”

Route 31. Uno. Never to be missed. Now only to be remembered. We stumbled on this little town a couple years back and looked at Kentucky with wide, excited eyes.

P.J. visited in the fall. he brought back some relics from the ruins. Turns out Mr. A Ford Smith was in a old folks home and his studio had long since been abandoned.

This time through, we had a plan devised to raid the shack and rescue any overlooked lettering treasures.

187. “Uno, no more.”
188. “Country Bacon.”
189. “An old local, rummaging for proof of Mr. Smith’s legacy.”
190. “Certificate of Penmanship.”
191. “Kentucky BBQ.”
192. “Get a good haircut in Horse Cave.”
193. “Sell your tobacco.”
194. “Milk bottlecaps. Gorgeous.”
195. “Kerns.” No apostrophes. Hmmm. Mystery.

There is One Comment

Probably the most awesome thing about me is that I was born in the little Milwaukee suburb where American Movie takes place. That cemetery he works at is just down the street from my pop’s place. He actually already even has his grave there, complete with his name on it. I’ve always thought that was kinda weird.

Drive awesome out there.

Posted by: DB on 03/18/07 at 11:49 PM
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