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Flew out of Indianapolis. Quick little flight up to Minneapolis. Hour layover. Hustled from one side of airport to the other. Stopped momentarily to check out the iPod vending machines. Wow. Kept hammering and stopped and bought this book: Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase For Lincoln’s Killer. Got to the gate. Loaded in. Buried my face in the book and transported my thinker back to April of 1865.

The flight out to Portland was long and tight. I was packed into a back corner next to a small Asian lady who kept folding her legs underneath herself, then, unfolding, then folding them back. Lots of activity in a small space. I just kept reading. Too tight to sleep. Got into Portland a little past 8pm. The rain was coming down. “Ahhh, Portland…,” came to mind. Grabbed a cab back to the house. Caught up with Leah and Jacob. Caught up with bills and boxes and offers to refinance.

Big days are upon us: Marty and George are on the edge of town, ready to pounce, so, I gotta be ready for action.

- - - -

Been to seven of these, you rebel conspirators: National Park Service Lincoln sites.

Some wiki action on John Wilkes-Booth.

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