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The 12 Commandments From My Dad (age 63, going on 7):

01. “E.S.P.” = Extra-sensory Polack.
02. “Buy American whenever you can.”
03. The sphincter is the smartest muscle in your body: it can distinguish between a solid, a liquid and a gas.” (Editor’s note: “Not needed.” - DDC)
04. “I don’t want to have it all; I just want ONE of everythiing….”
05. “Man cannot live by pizza alone.”
06. “Never pass a garage sale; cuz ‘you just never know’ what will be there…”
07. “If its free, take it.”
08. “At a restaurant, empty the dish of after-dinner mints into your pocket.”
09. “Drink Canadian beer.”
10. “Never pay retail; ferret out the deals.”
11. “Don’t throw anything away; you never know when you might need it.”
12. “I own the road (when driving); the sooner everyone else realizes this, the better off we all will be.”

I live by these words. You might want to consider how to make them work in yer life too.

(The photo above was snapped outside the Grenade Gloves tradeshow booth a couple months back in Veg-ass. At this exact moment one Matt Kass gave up the fight and fell in love with Jim Draplin. It happens. Give in. ©2006 DDC Photo Archives)

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Weird words.

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New gear up in the DDC Merch section. More shit you need. Well, maybe not. Do it for the economy, if anything:

DDC-007: “Get some guts up and build something.”
DDC-008: “Draw on a friend’s face.”
DDC-009: “Good Morning Wood.”
DDC-010: “Long and smooth, like Gary.”
DDC-011: “Simple technology for simple people.”
DDC-012: “The whole kit and kaboodle.”
DDC-013: “For good measure…”
DDC-014: “Once-A-Month, like yer a visit to yer parole officer.”

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That’s obviously not me in the sharpie pitch,
you cocksucker.

“Going Nowheres’”

You Prick.

You just wait, you turd. We’re throwing down…

Posted by: ryno on 06/20/06 at 1:42 AM
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