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Four-Legged Affiliations


01. “Donald” the regal Beagle, of Long Beach, Calif., of Evan and Maja.
02. “Sofi” the French Fry, of Long Beach. Calif., of Mark and Tevis.
03. “Dottie” of NE Portland, of Goo and Fran. (photo styling by Heidi.)
04. “Ohio” the French Bulldog, of NE Portland, of Chris and Gretch.
05. “Toby” the Shi Tzu, of Lake Ann, Mich., of Jim and Lauren.

06. “Zöe” the Shi Tzu, of Lake Ann, Mich., of Jim and Lauren.
07. “Mia” the Shi Tzu, of Macomb, Mich., of Sarah.
08. “Murph” the Retriever, of Elk Rapids, Mich., of Eric and Megan.
09. “Violet” the Pug, of Boise, Ida., of Jerms and Apes.
10. “Sam” the Retriever, of Traverse City, Mich., of Bry and Tracey.

11. “Swiftscout 4” the Gray Feline, of Detroit, Mich., of Kurtie.
12. “Otto” the Black Something, of Long Beach, Calif., of Jared.
13. “Sir Wellington” the Pug, of Oceanside, Calif., of Matt and Leigh.
14. “Irish” the Miniature Pinscher, of SE Portland, Ore., of Josh and Liz.
15. “Barbie” the Bulldog, of Portland , Ore., of Matt and Nicole.

16. “Kanga” the Swift, of Portland, Ore., of Ede and Ani.
17. “Shadow” the Labrador, of Portland, Ore., of Ryan and Rebecca.
18. “Charcoal” the Labrador, of Beulah, Mich., of Derek and Alexis.
19. “Isabelle” the Labrador, of Beulah, Mich., of Derek and Alexis.
20. “Ruby” the Labrador, of Beulah, Mich., of Derek and Alexis.

21. “Quentin” the Husky, of Portland, Ore., of The Samsel family.
22. “Jesus” the Pug, of Portland, Ore., of Cristin Denight.
23. “Farley + Eddie” of Oregon City, Ore., of Rod + Katie.
24. “Rivet” the French Bulldog, of Backwoods, Verm., of Cris and Ali .
25. “Manny” the Australian Cattle Dog, of Seattle, of George and Jackie.

26. “Zöe” the Light Speed Greyhound, of Portland, of the Cottini Estate.
27. “Suki” the Large-Eared, of Portland, of Vin and Meghan.
28. “Sirus” the Dark, of Portland, of Vin and Meghan.
29. “Willameena” the Dachshund gal, of Canada, sister to Dano.
30. “Vincent” the Boston Terrier, of Seattle’s Adam Gerken family unit.

31. “Napoleon” the French Bulldog, of Seattle’s Dave Benton Institute.
32. “Maybelle” the once lost, and now found, of Rynoville, Minnesota.
33. “Lulu” the Dachsund of the Latzens of Cameron Park, CA.
34. “Buns” the longhair Dachshund of Justin Lucero of Portland, Ore.
35. “Orange” the Doxie of St. Paul, of Vanessa & Peter Petrulo. R.I.P.

There Are 9 Comments

Sofi looks like a French Bulldog—or, at least part… ???

Posted by: Evan Schoninger on 02/25/06 at 6:00 PM

my name is spelled MAJA not mia. please correct and confirm.

Posted by: maja on 03/01/06 at 10:55 PM

Sofi is a French Bulldog, not a Pug.

Posted by: michaylira on 04/12/06 at 2:52 PM

i’m sending you new pics of the bubaloos.
and add in sirius…. his feelings will be hurt if suki is there and he isn’t!

when are you coming back?

Posted by: vtlogcabin on 09/13/06 at 4:21 PM

Waitin’ for Maybelle to get a plug here… She’s pissed.

Posted by: Ryno on 11/07/06 at 7:23 AM

Lexy is a little bummed that her brother is on here but not her.

Posted by: Dustin Ortiz on 10/24/07 at 6:34 PM

Has Gary ever thought about joining Dogster?

Posted by: lu on 11/18/07 at 9:27 PM

Draplin, we don’t have a dashound, but we do have a dog that once called Rachel, but kept in the basement by her previous owners with nothing more than a television and endless hours of god knows what, three’s company reruns. Anyway, she is a part chow part border collie resembling mostly a small bear aptly named Angel. She would like to be Gary’s friend and frankly, she would probably lick him.

Posted by: emily walter seitz on 09/15/08 at 6:23 PM

Sorry to hear the news man. So tough to let them go. Little bastards sure grow on ya. On the bright side, I’m picturing Gary tearing shit up with my old pal Orange somewhere out there in the Universe.

Hang in there!

Posted by: Peter on 08/06/10 at 9:59 AM
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