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Draplin Design Co., North America


Product Description:
We drink a ton of water each day. Easily three Nalgene bottles worth, and on a good day, four or five. Good for the body, good for the plumbing! And we finally made our very own ‚€œDDC Fluids Unit‚€ and will be recycling the cast of Nalgene bottles that have done the job the last decade. These water bottles never let you down.

Today we’re doing a little deal where when you buy one of the six bangers, you get a free one! Buy one, get one free! Splash! Dealer’s choice between our “Orange Stealth” and “Green Stealth” models. Deep, dark and down to hydrate! Get a free one today when you buy a DDC-319 “DDC Fluids Unit” Nalgene bottle! Immerse yerself in the flowing fluids of the DDC! Quench that thirst this summer!

Ordering Details:
$24.99 / $21.99 HDPE +$7.00 Shipping & Handling to cover the two units.