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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 03, 2024
DDC-054 "DDC Deadest Print" Irregular Issue Field Notes
Posted at 12:00 PM


HERE’S THE DEAL: First there was the Dead Prints. Gobbled up in hours. Then there was the Deader Prints. Gone in minutes. Now it’s the Deadest Prints of them all! And they will go fast. Each set is $17.95. Buying options below are as follows, “Two 3-Packs,” “Four 3-Packs” and “Six 3-Packs.” Pick one of the three options. One purchase per human.


Product Details:
01. Various crunched, crinkled, forgotten and forlorned Deadest prints!
02. Cover and back hit with a brute force “Sepulchral Silver” foil. From crispy clean to cloyingly crusty to all-out bedlam.
03. Inside cover and back cover hit with a gruesome 2-color application of “Pestilent Purple” and “Obfuscous Orange” fluorescent inks. Let’s get weird, shall we? Okay.
04. Think ink on durable papers.
05. Proudly printed, foiled, stitched and trimmed in Portland, Oregon by our buddy Austen representing Stevens I.S.
06. Kitted and shrink-wrapped by the tenacious team at Some Place Else out in Beaverton.
07. 3.5” x 5.5” in dimension.
08. 48-page memo books, and ready for the world.
09. Very, very limited run of these weirdo books. 7000 three-packs!
10. Innards paper is “Do Not Go Into The Light” white smooth text with a grid printed in a macabre mist of “Terrifying Turquoise” ink. Makes no sense, right? Wrong. Perfectly precarious.
11. Graph paper.
12. Each belly band is hand-numbered on the cover, using our patented freehand technique. We take the belly band as seriously as we take ANYTHING ELSE IN OUR LIVES.
13. LIMITED TO “ONE ORDER” PER HUMAN. Options include “2 Three-Packs,” “4-Three-Packs” and “6 Three-Packs.” Don’t go buying forty of these things. We fight hard to make sure every customer can get a couple sets, and if someone comes in hot with an order for 100 of them, we reserve the right to cancel that order, and politely remind you to follow the rules.
14. We always say it, but here goes again: THESE ARE GONNA GO FAST. Act now!


(2) Two 3-Packs - USA
Ordering Details:
$35.90 for Two 3-Packs +$7 USPS Shipping

International Orders

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: We are using PayPal for these. Please double and triple check your mailing addresses in PayPal so it‚€™s updated to your latest address. UPDATE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IN PAYPAL!!! We are shipping these fast, and if you do not get any corrections to us ASAP via email (shipping@draplin.com) your order will be gone, and we cannot change anything once an order is out the door. PLEASE check and update your address before ordering.

READ EVERY WORD HERE: International shipping can take as few as eight days and up to several weeks to arrive. Almost all delays in shipping are due to customs fees being due, and in that case your order is most likely being held by your local post office. You must contact them directly to settle up if this is the case. Unfortunately the USPS tracking stops once an item leaves the US, and doesn‚€™t pick up again until it is delivered. You will have a tracking number in our shipping notification that you can use if you have to locate your package, but it can only be done on your end. Because of the expensive and costly nature of international shipping we will not be offering refunds, returns or exchanges. That said, order at your own risk!

AND FINALLY: If there are other items in your order, multiples of notebooks, hats, posters, etc you will likely owe more shipping. We will contact you if this is the case.
If you don‚€™t hear from us please check your spam folder. And if you STILL aren‚€™t sure you can write us shipping@draplin.com.


(2) Two 3-Packs - Canada / Mexico
Ordering Details:
$35.90 for Two 3-Packs +$22 USPS Shipping

United Kingdom/Europe

(2) Two 3-Packs - United Kingdom / Europe
Ordering Details:
$35.90 for Two 3-Packs +$27 USPS Shipping


(2) Two 3-Packs - Australia / Asia
Ordering Details:
$35.90 for Two 3-Packs +$28 USPS Shipping
“DDC Dead(er)(est) Tombstone” Souvenir Patch



Ordering Details:
The Fine Print:
For customers using PayPal, click the link above they’ll take it from there. Make damned sure your mailing address in UPDATED before placing an order. All orders are shipped out as fast as we can. We ship everything USPS “First Class” rates. We fight hard to make these as AWESOME as possible, and FIRE THEM OFF as the orders come in. Long live Leigh!
International Orders:
We have a stash set aside for international orders. Once we ship all the domestic USA orders, we’ll offer up links for orders‚€”along with shipping costs inlcuded‚€” for “Canada/Mexico” “United Kingdom/Europe,” and “Australia/Asia/Everywhere Else.” Stay tuned!

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