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Draplin Design Co., North America

DDC MERCHMAS 2023, DAY 05: Day five! Four new “Stuff Sheath” colors, our “Card/Cash/Chit” carrier and a “Happy Sun” decal 3-pack!






Product Description:
Sometimes, you just gotta take matters into your own hands. And we needed protection. We all know what that back pocket on the back of yer jeans will do to a Field Notes memo book, right? So we made a little leather sheath. Just that simple. Just something to protect our latest Field Notes memo book, and, wrangle all the scraps of paper and what not that are always bouncing around in our pockets, or falling out of our Field Notes. Simple moves. Durable as all get out. Now offered in eight colors!
Product Details:
01. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
02. Four colors to choose from: “Very Orange,” “All Natural,” “Dark Matter” and the all-new “Totally Turquoise,” “Soothing Sun,” “Really Rosé,” “Rainy Day Gray” and “Surplus Green.”
03. 3-3/4” wide and 6” tall. Fits a Field Notes perfectly.
04. One line of stitching along the bottom. Check out how durable that stitch is!
05. Just a simple little leather sheath to protect yer Field Notes, and whatever else your might have in yer pocket.
06. Breaks in beautifully, in no time.
07. Get one more look at the debossing on the cover of this thing!
08. AND HEY: Leather is weird. It has imperfections. The folks who make these do their level best to weed them out, but every now and again, one of these are going to have a little indentation or fold in it. Just roll with it. Break it in, and use the hell out of it.
09. BONUS: Each “DDC Stuff Sheath” comes with a single Field Notes memo book we’ve got stashed around the shop. Random as hell. Old stock. New shit. Weird stuff. Rare stuff. Messed up stuff. Custom prints. Ya never know with these!
Ordering Details:
$39.99 +$5.00 Shipping (U.S.A.)
Color Options
DDC-176 DDC Brand “Card/Cash/Chit Carrier”

“All Natural”

“Very Orange”

“Dark Matter”

CASH, CARD OR CHIT…OR ALL: This little carrier is simple in design, but will protect your most precious items in style! Built by our friends at Red Cloud Collective here in Portland, Oregon. Beautifully-crafted and beyond durable. I’m still using the first sample Seth gave me years ago! When I don’t need my big wallet, I pair things down and use this little guy. Driver’s license, couple credit cards and some cold, hard cash. DONE!

Product Details:
01. 3/4 oz Hermann oak vegetable-tanned leather.
02. Two Horizontal card slots.
03. One center pocket
04. 2.625”(H) x 3.875”(W) x .375”(D) in dimension.
05. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon USA.
Ordering Details:
$59.99+$5.00 Shipping & Handling (U.S.A.)

Center pocket that opens. Fits a folded wad of cash perfectly.

Loaded up! Ready for action!

DDC-355 “Happy Sun” Decal 3-Pack


SHINE, SHINE, SHINE: Just a happy, little sun here. That’s it. Made a sticker out of it. Shine bright, little buddy!

Product Details:
01. Screen printed on thick, weather proof vinyl. Serious adhesives.
02. Colors inspired by that big sun shining above us.
03. 3.5” in diameter.
04. 3-pack. Three decals!
05. The real deal here. None of that digital bullshit here.
06. Printed by our buddies at Nameplate Inc. in Cerritos, Calif.
07. Don’t worry, be happy. Okay? Okay.
Ordering Details:
$9.99+$3.00 Shipping & Handling (U.S.A.)
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International Orders:
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