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Draplin Design Co., North America


OUT TODAY: Our 8th Skillshare class titled, ‚€œThe Business of Graphic Design: Protect & Perfect Your Passion‚€ is out! All the stuff off the page!

Here‚€™s the official Skillshare verbiage about the class:

‚€œLet‚€™s see those business building blocks!
From your perfectly formulated file names to your invoice template, we want to see how you‚€™re leveling up your business through expert administration. Just remember to keep your private information confidential. If you love the way your W-9 looks after a few adjustments, feel free to share it with a fun, made-up address rather than information like your real address or social security number.¬†

A few reminders:
* Investing in your business is just as important as investing in good marketing or a strong logo. By protecting yourself legally, you‚€™ll be better equipped to handle any unwelcome surprises.¬†
* Be careful when taking financial or tax advice online. It‚€™s always better to speak with a professional.
* Knowing your business is protected can help you feel more confident as a small business owner, which often shines through to your clients. 
* Be creative and curious in business ownership. Enjoy the process of learning, and if you don‚€™t have an answer, don‚€™t be afraid to ask.‚€
The link is ‚€œskl.sh/draplin8‚€ so jam that into a browser and get a little ‚€œoff the page‚€ tune-up with the DDC!


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