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ON THE TWELFTH DAY OF MERCHMAS, AARON WENT ROGUE: I’ve been good all year. And last night? I was bad.

I’ve been working up a little something out here. And will offer up no other details…to my colleagues at @fieldnotesbrand in Chicago, to the readers of this post…hell, Leigh didn’t even know about this one. I HAVEN’T EVEN TOLD MY MOM. And I’ll deal with that fallout in due time.

While I’ve got yer ear, let me say thanks to everyone for an INCREDIBLE DDC MERCHMAS onslaught these last twelve days. We appreciate each and every order.

Our final offering for DDC Merchmas 2021 is the “Aaron’s Leap of Faith” @fieldnotes brand edition. Load up! These are going to GO QUIIIIIIIICK!

Someone left the gates open, and I got in!

Aaron’s “Leap of Faith” Field Notes Edition



You just gotta believe: Aaron’s “Leap of Faith” Field Notes Edition