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Draplin Design Co., North America


A LITTLE OFFERING: The eighth day of DDC Merchmas and we are REELING from an onslaught of TJB x DDC: The Folsom Knife sales yesterday (Keep ‘em coming!), a run on the “Harshmellow” 7-inchers as Dale & Buzz from The Melvins puts posts up alerting their fans! Leigh has them ALL readied to be shipped. Thanks, everyone!!!

Today we offer up our updated “DDC Brand Plectrum Set,” the new single from The Delines’ forthcoming “The Sea Drift” record and holy shit, EVEN MORE NEW STUFF from the “TJB x DDC” capsule collection? Believe it.

01. DDC-265 “James┬░ ├— DDC: Stacked Logo 5-Panel Hat”
02. DDC-265 “James┬░ ├— DDC: Stacked Logo Tee.”

To lock those in, head over to The James Brand to snag them! GO: “TJB x DDC” at thejamesbrand.com! Or simply click the links above.

DDC-023 “DDC Brand Plectrum Set”


HIGH GRADE CELLULOID: We’ve been scrambling. With each Plectrum Set that would eeek in, we’d have to go digging to fulfill each of the three picks. Those days are over. We have a BIG STASH in, updated the pacakging to a ballistic letterpress card and are ready to ship these! It goes as “DDC-023 “DDC Brand Plectrum Set” aand that’s three DDC picks! Same picks I use daily, flailing around on my Martin D-35. If and when we ever “go on tour” these will be the celluloid picks we flick out into the crowd of Spears’, Durbins, Claytons and Lechtenbergs in the pit. Count on it.

Ordering Details:
$11.99 +$4 Shipping (U.S.A.)
The Delines “Little Earl” 7-Inch


GULF COAST LURKING: The new single of The Delines’ forthcoming “The Sea Drift” long player. Got to design this one up for Willy and the band this summer, and it’s finally on the shelves and moving. I have a little stash here we’re offering up today! TURN IT UP!

Ordering Details:
$9.99 +$7.50 Shipping (U.S.A.)