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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 05, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/5: "Thick Lines Collection"
Posted at 12:00 PM


THICKER THE BETTER: Today is ‚€œTHICK LINES Day‚€ on the DDC factory floor! The fourth day of our rambling, gambling and scrambling DDC Merchmas!

Been sitting on these for awhile, careful not to show them on the social meeds.

01. DDC-291 “THICK LINES Torso Cover” Pre-Order
02. DDC-291 ‚€œTHICK LINES Action Cap‚€ in Blue/White and Orange/Black
03. DDC-291 ‚€œTHICK LINES Souvenir Patch‚€ in Red, Blue and Orange
04. DDC-291 ‚€œTHICK LINES Decal 3-Pack Kit‚€ in Red, Blue and Orange

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DDC-291 “THICK LINES Torso Cover” Pre-Order



Upper back hit!

HELL YEAH: Our “THICK LINES” torso cover pre-order! These will ship in early January.

Product Details:
01. Thick ink on durable fibers.
02. A collection of our favorite THICK LINES logos.
03. Used only the THICKEST of lines for this one.
04. Colorways: “Blue Sky,” “Green Mind” and “Mellow Yellow.”
05. Check that sleeve hit!
06. Check that upper back hit!
07. Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL!
Pre-Order Details:
$25.99 +$7.50 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-291 “THICK LINES Action Caps”


Product Details:
01. Ballistic embroidered patch.
02. Durable materials up front.
03. Mesh ventilation system for maximum air flow out back.
04. Fitted for all heads. Grow into it.
05. Adjustable. Fits big heads, too!
06. ‚€œSnapback‚€ adjuster in the back. None of that ‚€œfitted‚€™ bullshit here. 08. Extra hit of DDC branding inside.
07. Cut, sewn and assembled in the U.S.A!
Ordering Details:
$32.99 +$3.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-291 “THICK LINES” Souvenir Patches


Product Details:
01. Durable embroidery. Long lasting.
02. Colors inspired by the thick lines logos discovered, savored, rescued and implemented.
03. 2.5‚€ wide x 3.0‚€ tall in dimension.
04. Manufactured by our Portland buddies at Brewery Outfitters.
05. Great for backpack, jean jacket, fatigues, rucksack, feed-n-seed caps and many other spirited uses.
06. In stock forever.
Ordering Details:
$7.99 +$2.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)
DDC-291 “THICK LINES” Decal 3-Pack


Product Details:
01. Set of three decals. One of each colorway as shown above.
02. Screen printed on thick, weather proof vinyl. Serious adhesives.
03. Colors inspired by the simplicity and unapologetic functionality of thick-lined logos.
04. 2.75‚€ wide x 3.5‚€ tall in dimension.
05. Printed by Nameplate down in SoCal.
Ordering Details:
$7.99 +$2.99 Shipping (U.S.A.)