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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 11, 2021
DDC Merchmas, 12/11: Mystery Kit 2021! 33/66/99!
Posted at 12:00 PM


MYSTERIOUS MOVES: It’s the eleventh day of DDC Merchmas, and we went digging!

And after a small fracas‚€”but a couple asses and elbows away from an all-out donnybrook‚€”we unearthed a small, spirited stash of rare Field Notes to release out into the world. We’ve consulted with “THOSE IN THE KNOW” over fair market values…based on rarity, scarcity and froth value and separated them into three groups:

01. “Quandary”
- 1 Rare Field Notes 3-Pack Pleasantly Plucked From the DDC Vault
- 1 Souvenir Patch
- 1 Mystery Merch Item
- and a wad of stickers.
- - - -
02. “Enigma”
AND YOU GET: - 1 Rather Rare Field Notes 3-Pack Cleverly Coaxed out of the DDC Vault
- 1 Souvenir Patch
- 1 Key Tag
- 1 Mystery Item
- and a grip of stickers.

- - - -
03. “Unknown Known”
AND YOU GET: - 1 Really, Really Rare Field Notes 3-Pack Powerfully Packjacked out of the DDC Vault
- 1 Souvenir Patch
- 1 Key Tag
- 1 Jean Jacket Pin
- 1 Mystery Merch Item
- and a clump of stickers.

Each kit comes with a rare Field Notes 3-pack and extras. And said extras ramp up considerably, as you go up the food chain. We packed a lot of value into these. Both new, old and just plain weird. Very, very limited number on these, and they’ll go quick!

Recently found a stash of Deaders and said my goodbyes in a small ceremony this morning. Be good out there, you little shits. Spread your pages and flap away.

AND HEY: All proceeds go to charity.


DDC Mystery Kit 2021: 33/66/99


Ordering Details:
Sold Out: $33/ $66 / $99

Thank you to everyone involved! Kits kitted! Going out tomorrow, if the airport USPS accepts them! WOOSH!