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Draplin Design Co., North America


OUT TODAY: Our 6th Skillshare class titled, €œDesign Great Stuff: How to Make Merch with Draplin€

Here€™s the official Skillshare verbiage about the class:

“Step back into the studio with iconic designer Aaron Draplin! Now, go further than ever before as Aaron pulls back the curtain on how he makes the merch he€™s famous for.

From pins and patches to posters and hats, well-designed merch can be a designer€™s dream€”if it€™s done right. Enter, Aaron Draplin. For the past 15 years, Aaron has been designing the best merch in the biz. Now, he€™s sharing the tips, tricks, and trade secrets he€™s gathered over a career centered on making great stuff. With his usual straight talk and zero funny business (ok, maybe a little funny business), Aaron will walk you through every step he takes each time he wants to create something new€”and might just share some never-before-heard stories of mishaps and mayhem along the way.

From first idea to final delivery, you’ll discover how to:

- Choose a design that works
- Find the best vendors to make your stuff
- Create un-mess-with-able files for handoff
- Make multiple merch pieces from one design

Plus, Aaron shares the successes and failures behind his favorite designs, from the spectacular journey of his Space Shuttle design to the woeful tale of an ill-fated yardstick.

Makers of all things are invited to join this class, whether you€™re looking to expand the services you can offer your next client, open your own online shop, or make t-shirts for your family reunion. When you€™re done, you€™ll leave with the insider information you need to choose the right items, work with clients and vendors, and design great merchandise that€™s a cut above the rest.”

DIG INTO THIS ONE with a click HERE!

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AND HEY: Don’t forget our first five classes, either:

01. “Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type and Color”
02. “Circular Logo Design: Combine Type & Icons in a Classic Shape”
03. “Customizing Type: Creating Wordmarks That Work”
04. “Situation Iteration: Iterating with Shape, Style, and Color”
05. “21 Tips for Speeding Up Yer Design Workflow”

- - - -

AND OF COURSE: To pull off these classes takes quite an effort by a very talented group of folks. Thank you to Scott Sullivan for patience and strategic, soothing handling of my nightmarish ways, to Bill Antonucci for patience, Craig Finn-ism and directorial vision, to Becca Cloyd for patience, organization clarity and top-notch producing. To the filmers, editors, social media folks, publicists…all of it…THANK YOU from all of us at the DDC.