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12,000 MILES OF APPRECIATION: We did it! The DDC 2016 Fall Tour is complete, and man, I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to go to so many wild places, meet so many cool people, sell and sign a mountain of books, whip through so many states, and, all in an orange Ford Econoline E-350 van. #stubbornfacts

And, with the great Leigh Mckolay as my co-pilot. Thank you for navigation, merch prowess, hotel room logistics, podcast searches and gold standard open road companionship. Thank you, lady. #mush

Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows, bought some merch, brought in their books to sign, bought a book, shook our hands, told us their stories, came to a workshop, loaded in merch, shared a dinner with, helped us ‚€œfind the gig‚€, set up any number of hospitable nights and facilitated the greatest adventure of my life.

I didn‚€™t get into graphic design to make books. Or go on a fuckin‚€™ book tour? I got into graphic design to make a living. So this? I can‚€™t believe what we pulled off. Still nursing a big ol’ orange buzz. So thankful. #appreciation

And, uh, we‚€™re currently scheming up a blistering Spring Tour, that‚€™ll cover, uh, EVERYWHERE ELSE. Dates announced after the new year!

(Late night Marquette, Michigan photo by Josh LeClair! With direction from Mike Forester!)

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Posted by: tyler on 12/09/16 at 10:08 AM

I do not want to subscribe to PayPal.

Tried to pay with credit card but couldn’t go further without subscribing to PayPal.

Posted by: Irene ligon on 12/15/16 at 4:15 PM

Hi Aaron and the team,
All your work is superb,
thanks for sharing this with the world.
I would love to see you in Dublin 2017 to shake your hand man !

Posted by: marcin on 01/19/17 at 2:21 AM
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