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TODAY, WE PUT EVERYTHING UP ON THE WALL: We barely made it to San Francisco. A wild-eyed town.

We’re driving around the city, upside down and aimless. We’re putting our faith in our Volvo drive train and transmission on the steepest of hills. We’re parking and cranking our steering wheel towards the curb. We’re walking up and down inclines. We’re eating sandwiches on sourdough. We’ve got our ear to the ground for tremors of any/all sort. We’re marveling at gingerbread details on row houses. We’re distracted by the spiderweb of wires that hang over intersections. We’re hearing sounds we’ve never heard before. We’re smelling smells that we can’t quite place. We’re listening to the Red House Painters while the fogs rolls in. We’re listening to assholes racing up and down the streets on the loudest of motorcycles.

We’re here and we’re putting stuff up on the wall. Come to the show tomorrow night at 6pm! At the Mule Gallery on 80 Fresno Street!

Our “DDC Mobile Command Pop-Up Shop” is in effect tomorrow night, and 12-6pm Saturday and Sunday. Posters, mini prints, pencils, Field Notes memo books, tote bags, action caps, beanies, porcelain cups, click pens, magnets, things, stuff, trinkets, goodies, doo-dads and what-the-hellls.

Come hang out, San Francisco! Parking brake activated!

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Really great to meet you on Saturday in San Francisco Aaron. Am sorry I didn’t get too much time to chat but glad I could nab some field notes and a SFO poster. Found a really nice frame from Blick Art Store that fits perfectly. Cheers! Martin (from Dublin)

Posted by: Martin on 03/07/16 at 4:19 PM
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