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Draplin Design Co., North America


HEADING DOWN TO S.F. TOMORROW: We’ve got an art show opening this Friday at the Mule Gallery in San Francisco! We’re dragging a mountain of work down I-5. Posters, logos, catalogs, records, t-shirts, process sketches, hits, misses, successes, failures, sketchy stuff…all up on a couple big walls for you to peruse. Basically, “everything we can pack in” to the space. And we aim to give yer eyes a real workout. Plus, we’ll have a FULL DDC MERCH TABLE in effect with must-have DDC merch at “San Francisco-only” pricing. And, we’ll be unleashing a new “San Francisco” poster, filled with everything we’ve ever loved about San Francisco. Shit gets going Friday at 6pm! Come hang out, San Francisco!!!

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